Koh Kong

Tatai Waterfall Tatai Bridge Tatai Waterfall Bangkayak Resort Peam Krosob Resort Peam Krosob Resort Koh Kong Bridge Koh Kong View Khun Chhang stupa
Koh KongTatai WaterfallKoh Kong is a quaint border province that has long had a reputation as a 'Wild West' frontier location. Situated at the southwestern tip of the country near the mouth of the Kah Bpow River, the city is only 10 kilometers from the Thai border. Koh Kong has a long coastline and a large forested interior that embraces part of the Cardamom Mountains and a section of Kirirom National Park.
Koh KongTatai Bridge
Koh KongTatai Waterfall
Koh KongBangkayak Resort
Koh KongPeam Krosob Resort
Koh KongPeam Krosob Resort
Koh KongKoh Kong Bridge
Koh KongKoh Kong View
Koh KongKhun Chhang stupa

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April 24, 2013
Koh Sdach

Koh Sdach

Koh Sdech is located in Kirisakor district, about 81 kilomeªters south of Koh Kong provincial town. It attracts visitors from Sihanoukville and Sre Ambil district. Koh Sdech features a long beach, and the sea is filled with a variety of fish. The site is excellent for snorkeling or scuba diving, as the water is clear, and an array of coral can be seen growing at the bottom of the sea.

According to legend, there once was a king who commanded an army on the island. Because there was no fresh water, the king searched everywhere to find some. At last he found a rock near the sea. Thinking the rock might contain water; the king drew his sword and split open the rock, releasing an endless flow of water that local people still use today.


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